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If you are looking for Italian quality wines that come from authentic vineyards then you have come to the right place. Here you will find wines that comply with standards we hold high such as quality, respect for nature and tradition. Most of the wines are produced by passionate small wine-growers that apply traditional family values.  These wines are produced with zero interventions in the winery.

However we also appreciate the benefits of technology to support the winemaking process where necessary. With the final result being a wine of unique character, with a story to tell which continues to fascinate during its youthfulness or even after ageing in a cellar.



Cellar remains

Discover our cellar remains on our website. The are marked with a 10% discount

First wines of 2016 from Puglia

First wines of 2016 from Puglia : Kalà Bianco and Kalà Rosato from Vinicola Palamà